Robot 2.0 Movie Box Office Collections till Now Day Wise

Here you can see the Robo 2.0 movie review, rating, and box office collection with day wise till now.

See below 2.0 movie collection till now day wise in table form.

About 2.0 Movie, Review, Rating, and Box Office Collection Report:

1. About 2.0 Movie:

Movie Info:

Movie Name: 2.0 (Robo 2Point0 Movie)
Release Date and Year: 29-November-2018.
Movie Duration Length: 2 Hours 29 Minutes.
Total Released Screens: Released in 10500 Screens World Wide 
Total Budget: Rs. 550 Crore.
Movie Industry: Kollywood.
Movie Type: Action and Thriller
Movie Language: Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi(Released in Total 15 Languages)
Censor Certificate: U/A
Production: Lyca Production.

Facts About 2.0 Movie:

  • Up to 2018 2.0 Movie is the Highest Budget Movie in India.
  • The first Movie in India Releasing in 15+ Languages.
  • This is the First Tamil Movie to Akshay Kumar.
  • First Full 3D Movie in India.
  • The first Movie in India to Crossed 100 Crore in Pre Release Business.
  • First Movie in India to Record in Advance Booking.
  • The first Movie in India sold 110 Crore to Satellite Rights taken by Zee Network.
  • Released in Highest Screens as 10500.

The Cast of 2.0 Movie:

Rajinikanth: as Chitti and Dr. Vaseegaran 
Akshay Kumar: Dr. Richard
Amy Jackson as Neela
Adil Hussain:
Sudhanshu Pandey: as Bohra Junior
Riyaz Khan:
Kalabhavan Shajon:

The Crew of 2.0 Movie:

Director Name: Shankar Shanmugham.
Story Writer Name: Shankar Shanmugham & B. Jeyamohan.
Producer Name: Allirajah Subaskaran and K. Karunamoorthy.
Musician Name: A. R Rahman.
Editor Name: Anthony
Cinematographer Name: Nirav Shah

Songs in the 2.0 Movie:

Total three Songs are in this movie.
Tamil Songs List:
  1. Pullingal.
  2. Endhira Logathu Sundariye.
  3. Raajali.
Telugu Songs List:
  1. Bulliguvvva.
  2. Yanthara Lokapu Sundarive.
  3. Randali.
Hindi Songs List:
  1. Nanhi Si Jaan.
  2. Mechaniacal Sandariye.
  3. Rakshassi

2.  2.0 Movie Review:

Positive Points:

  • Graphics.
  • Chitti Acting.

Negative Points:

  • Songs.
  • Compared to Robo 1, Robo 1 Better than 2.0.


  • Movie Blockbuster Viewers can't disappoint.

3. 2.0 Movie Rating: 

82/100 or 8.2/10

4. 2.0 Movie Box Office Collection World Wide Day Wise Report:

Mathematical Words in Collection:

Gross Means: Total Income Collected By Selling Total Tickets without Entertainment Tax and other Taxes. For Example, One Movie released in a Theaters and Sold 1,00,000 Tickets. Take One Movie Ticket Price Rs. 100/- then,

Gross = 1,00,000 X 100 = 1 Crore

Net Profit Means: Entertainment and other taxes subtracted from Gross. For Example, If Entertainment and Other Taxes are 10% then 10% of 1 Crore is 10,00,000 Lacs. So Net Profit from the above example is 90,00,000 Lacs.

Net Profit = Gross - Tax 
                              = 1 Crore - 10,00,000 
                               = 90,00,000 lacs.         

Share Means: Cinema Theatres Rent, Hero and Heroines Remunerations, other roles remunerations are subtracted from Net Profit is the Share also called Distributer Share. Take All these Expenditures are 40,00,000 lacs then Distributor share is 50,00,000

Share = Net Profit - (Cinema Theatres Rent, Hero and Heroines Remunerations, other roles remunerations)
= 90,00,000 - 40,00,000
                                          = 50,00,000 Lacs                                                     

Robot 2.0 Collection till now Day Wise: 

Here You can see the Robot 2.0 Movie Box office Collections till Now Day by day in table form

#Day Wise CollectionRobt 2.0
Day 1 Collection 61 Crore
Day 2 Collection 55 Crore
Day 3 Collection 47  Crore
Day 4 Collection 42  Crore
Day 5 Collection 30  Crore
Day 6 Collection 28  Crore
Day 7 Collection 25  Crore
Day 8 Collection 20  Crore
Day 9 Collection 19  Crore
Day 10 Collection 18  Crore
Day .......  .....Crore
Total Collection Till Now
(As on 17-Jan-19)
800 Crores

Top 10 and 500 Crore Crossed Indian Movie Collection list

Dangal2050 Crores
Baahubali 2
The Conclusion
1813 Cr
Secret Super Star980 Cr
Bajrangi Bhaijaan909 Cr
PK853 Cr
*2.0800 Cr
Baahubali 1
the Beginning
650 Cr
Sultan624 Cr
Sanju587 Cr
Padmavati584 Cr

Tiger Zinda Hai565 Cr
Dhoom 3556 Cr

Next Movie 3 Idiots: 460 Crore. up to now 12 movies collected above 500 crores all over India.

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