KGF Chapter 1 Movie Box Office Collection Till Now Day Wise

Here you can see the KGF the 1st Chapter movie review, rating, and box office collection till now with day wise. In this movie, Yash acted as a hero role  KGF Movie Day 1 Collected 26 Crore around the worldwide.

See below KGF movie collection till now day wise in table form.

About KGF Movie, Review, Rating, and Box Office Collection Report:

1. About KGF Movie:

Movie Info:

Movie Name: KGF Chapter 1
Release Date and Year: 21-Dec-2018.
Movie Duration Length: 2 Hours 50 Minutes.
Total Released Screens: Released in 2100 Screens WorldWide 
Total Budget: Rs. 80 Crore.
Movie Industry: Kannada.
Movie Type: Drama and Thriller
Movie Language: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi
Censor Certificate: U/A
Production: Homebale Films

Facts About KGF Chapter 1 Movie:

  • Up to 2018 KGF Chapter 1 Movie is the Highest Budget Movie in Kannada with 80 Crores.
  • The first Movie in Kannada Releasing in 5 Languages.

The Cast of KGF Movie:

Yashas Rocky 
Srinidhi Shetty: as Reena
Achyuth Kumar: as Kabali
Ramya Krishnan, Nassar, and Tamannaah Bhatia.

The Crew of KGF Movie:

Director Name: Prashanth Neel.
Story Writer Name: Prashanth Neel.
Producer Name: Vijay Kiraganduru.
Musician Name: Ravi Basrur.
Editor Name: Srikanth Gowda
Cinematographer Name: Bhuvan Gowda

2.  KGF Movie Review:

  • Movie Blockbuster

3. KGF Movie Rating: 

  • 88/100 or 8.8/10

4. KGF Movie Box Office Collection World Wide Day Wise Report:

Mathematical Words in Collection:

Gross Means: Total Income Collected By Selling Total Tickets without Entertainment Tax and other Taxes. For Example, One Movie released in a Theaters and Sold 1,00,000 Tickets. Take One Movie Ticket Price Rs. 100/- then,

Gross = 1,00,000 X 100 = 1 Crore

Net Profit Means: Entertainment and other taxes subtracted from Gross. For Example, If Entertainment and Other Taxes are 10% then 10% of 1 Crore is 10,00,000 Lacs. So Net Profit from the above example is 90,00,000 Lacs.

Net Profit = Gross - Tax 
                              = 1 Crore - 10,00,000 
                               = 90,00,000 lacs.         

Share Means: Cinema Theatres Rent, Hero and Heroines Remunerations, other roles remunerations are subtracted from Net Profit is the Share also called Distributer Share. Take All these Expenditures are 40,00,000 lacs then Distributor share is 50,00,000

Share = Net Profit - (Cinema Theatres Rent, Hero and Heroines Remunerations, other roles remunerations)
= 90,00,000 - 40,00,000
                                          = 50,00,000 Lacs                                                     

KGF Chapter 1 Collection till now Day Wise: 

Here You can see the KGF Movie Box office Collections till Now Day by day in table form

#Day Wise Collection
Till Now
Day 1 Collection 25 Crore
Day 2 Collection Updates
Day 3 Collection Crore
Day 4 Collection Crore
Day 5 Collection Crore
Day 6 Collection Crore
Day 7 Collection Crore
Day 8 Collection Crore
Day 9 Collection Crore
Day 10 Collection Crore
Day .......  .....Crore
Total Collection Till Now
(As on 21-Dec-18)
25 Crores

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