Venkatesh and Soundarya Movies List

Venkatesh and Soundarya Movies List: A Blockbuster Combination

Venkatesh and Soundarya were one of the most popular on-screen couples in Telugu cinema during the late 1990s and early 2000s. They starred together in seven films, all of which were commercial successes.

Here is a list of Venkatesh and Soundarya movies, sorted from newest to oldest:

  • 2001: Devi Putrudu
  • 2000: Jayam Manadera
  • 1999: Raja
  • 1997: Pelli Chesukundam
  • 1996: Pavitra Bandham
  • 1996: Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu
  • 1994: Super Police

Some of their most popular films together include:

  • Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu: This romantic comedy was a huge hit at the box office and is still considered to be one of Venkatesh and Soundarya's best films.
  • Pavitra Bandham: This family drama was also a critical and commercial success. It was one of the first Telugu films to be dubbed into Hindi and Tamil.
  • Raja: This action thriller was one of Venkatesh's biggest hits of his career. It also marked the directorial debut of Venkatesh's brother, Suresh Babu.
  • Jayam Manadera: This romantic drama was another hit for Venkatesh and Soundarya. It was also one of their last films together before Soundarya's untimely death in 2004.

Venkatesh and Soundarya's films were known for their strong performances, catchy music, and entertaining storylines. They were one of the most popular on-screen couples in Telugu cinema during their time, and their films continue to be enjoyed by fans today.

If you are a fan of Telugu cinema, be sure to check out some of Venkatesh and Soundarya's films. You won't be disappointed!

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