Box Office Collection 2024: Top Indian Movies

Stay updated on movie's daily box office collections. Track its earnings journey day by day! Discover comprehensive box office collections sorted movie-wise. Track the financial success of your favorite films with our meticulously curated list. Stay updated with the latest worldwide gross collection of all Indian movies, including Bollywood Box Office (Hindi Movies), Tollywood Box Office (Telugu Movies), Kollywood Box Office (Tamil Movies), Mollywood Box Office (Malayalam Movies), Sandalwood Box Office (Kannada Movies) and more.

Box Office Collection: Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Kollywood, and Sandalwood

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  • Hanu-Man - ₹350 Crore
  • Fighter - ₹349.5 Crore
  • Manjummel Boys - ₹242.3 Crore
  • Shaitaan - ₹211.06 Crore
  • Guntur Kaaram - ₹184.2 Crore
  • The Goat Life - ₹160 Crore
  • Crew - ₹157.08 Crore
  • Aavesham - ₹155 Crore
  • Premalu - ₹136 Crore
  • Tillu Square - ₹135 Crore
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