Chandu Champion (2024): Movie Review - Hit or Flop?

Chandu Champion (2024): Hit or Flop? A Champion's Story in the Ring, But Not Quite on Screen

Kartik Aaryan takes a dramatic turn in Chandu Champion, the biopic of Paralympic champion Murlikant Petkar. Directed by Kabir Khan, the film chronicles Petkar's incredible journey from a small-town wrestler to a national hero. But does Chandu Champion knock it out of the park, or is it a disappointing knockout?

The Champion's Spirit Shines Through

There's no denying the inspirational power of Murlikant Petkar's story. Overcoming a life-altering injury and defying limitations to achieve sporting glory is inherently compelling. The film captures this spirit well, with Aaryan delivering a sincere performance that showcases Petkar's determination. Veteran actors like Vijay Raaz as Petkar's coach add depth to the narrative.

Formulaic Punches and Emotional Jabs That Miss

While the core story resonates, Chandu Champion falls into familiar underdog sports movie tropes. The training montages and predictable conflicts feel a bit tired. Emotional moments land unevenly, with some scenes tugging at the heartstrings and others falling flat. The film's over two-hour runtime could have been tighter to maintain momentum.

Hit or Flop? A Split Decision

Chandu Champion is a crowd-pleaser with its inspirational message and crowd-rousing moments. Aaryan's performance is a highlight, and the film serves as a worthy tribute to Petkar's legacy. However, the predictable narrative and uneven execution prevent it from being a knockout.



So, is it a hit or a flop? It depends on what you're looking for. If you want a feel-good underdog story with strong performances, Chandu Champion is worth a watch. But if you crave a more nuanced and emotionally resonant sports drama, you might leave the ring a little disappointed.

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