21 Underworld Escapes Guaranteed: Hades Tips and Tricks for Eternal Glory

Dominate the depths of the Underworld and defy the God of Death himself with these 21 essential Hades tips and tricks!

Supergiant Games' critically-acclaimed roguelike dungeon crawler, Hades, throws you, Zagreus, son of the underworld's ruler, into a brutal escape attempt from the clutches of your father. With each escape attempt, you'll encounter a unique blend of enemies, bosses, and Olympian boons, making every run a thrilling and ever-evolving challenge.

But fear not, fellow escapees! This guide equips you with the knowledge to overcome the Underworld's obstacles and secure your freedom.

1. Weapon Synergy:

Hades offers six distinct weapons, each with unique playstyles. Experiment! Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. The mighty Stygian Sword offers powerful close-range attacks, while the versatile Varatha spear allows for both close and mid-range combat.

2. Boon Selection:

The Olympians lend their power through Boons. Strategize! Prioritize Boons that synergize with your chosen weapon. For example, Artemis' crit chance Boons enhance the Stygian Sword's heavy strikes, while Ares' damage over time Boons complement the Varatha's hit-and-run playstyle.

3. Mirror of Night:

Invest your hard-earned Darkness strategically. Enhance your base stats like health or critical chance. Unlock powerful Mirror abilities like Deflect for better defense or Divine Dash for increased mobility.

4. Cast & Dash Mastery:

These are not afterthoughts! Master Zagreus' cast ability. Experiment with different Cast effects like Dionysus' Festive Fog for crowd control or Aphrodite's Call to Aid for summoning helpful shades. Likewise, utilize your Dash effectively for dodging attacks and repositioning. The Hermes' Swift Strike Dash makes you a nimble dodger, while Poseidon's Splash Dash allows for area-of-effect damage.

5. Chamber Exploration:

Each chamber presents a strategic choice – combat encounter, shop, or boon selection. Prioritize! In early stages, focus on boons and upgrades to strengthen yourself. Later, consider shops for crucial items like the Death Defiance resurrection charges.

6. Enemy Knowledge:

Observe enemy attack patterns! Learn to identify tells for unblockable attacks. Prioritize eliminating ranged enemies first to avoid getting overwhelmed. Shielded enemies require specific strategies – use area-of-effect attacks or exploit their attack openings.

7. Pomme Power:

Prioritize using Poms of Power on Boons you find most effective. Higher-level Boons offer significant stat boosts and enhanced effects.

8. Chaos Boon Gamble:

Chaos Boons offer powerful, but risky, effects. Weigh the benefits and risks before accepting. Some Chaos Boons can significantly hinder your run, so choose wisely!

9. Trial of the Gods:

Don't shy away from the Trial of the Gods! These mid-escape challenges offer powerful Boons, but come with a difficulty increase.

10. Skelly's Challenge:

Train with Skelly, the friendly skeleton, to hone your combat skills. Completing his challenges unlocks rewards like new weapon aspects or permanent passive upgrades.

11. Heirloom Upgrades:

Invest your Ambrosia wisely! Upgrading your starting weapon, the Infernal Arms, provides significant stat boosts and unlocks new aspects with unique playstyles.

12. Contractor Gifts:

Befriend the Underworld's denizens! Gifting specific items to characters unlocks new permanent upgrades like increased health or stronger casts.

13. Prophecies:

Complete prophecies by fulfilling specific in-run objectives. Each completed prophecy grants a permanent bonus like increased damage or special effects.

14. Hidden Aspects:

Unlock powerful hidden aspects for specific weapons through specific in-run actions. These aspects drastically alter the weapon's playstyle and often unlock unique mechanics. Look for clues in conversations and the environment.

15. Heat Gauge:

Challenge yourself further with the Heat Gauge! This optional difficulty modifier allows you to crank up the challenge and earn greater rewards upon escape.

16. Gift-Giving Strategy:

Don't just haphazardly gift Nectar or Ambrosia. Prioritize characters with whom you wish to develop stronger bonds. Unveiling their personal stories and strengthening these relationships unlocks valuable rewards and story elements.

17. The House of Hades:

The House of Hades acts as your central hub. Upgrade your tools here with resources gained from escapes. Enhance your Keepsake inventory for Enhance your Keepsake inventory for run-specific benefits. Keepsakes like Cerberus' Second Wind revive you once per escape, while Poseidon's Sea Storm offers a powerful area-of-effect attack at the start of each chamber.

18. Prophecies of Friendship:

Certain prophecies involve strengthening bonds with specific characters. Completing these unlocks special interactions and story elements.

19. The Wretched Broker:

The Wretched Broker offers unique and powerful items in exchange for resources like Keys or Obols. Carefully consider his offerings – some items can significantly enhance your escape attempt.

20. Duo & Legendary Boons:

Boons can synergize to create powerful combinations. Look for opportunities to create Duo Boons by acquiring specific combinations of Olympian Boons. These offer unique and potent effects. Legendary Boons, even rarer, offer game-changing effects and require specific prerequisite Boons.

21. Death Defiance Mastery:

Death Defiance allows you to cheat death a limited number of times per escape attempt. Use these strategically! Don't waste them on early encounters. Save them for tougher bosses or challenging chambers later in your run.

Bonus Tip: Embrace the Narrative!

Hades isn't just about escape attempts. The rich narrative unfolds through conversations with the denizens of the Underworld. Pay attention to the story, develop relationships with characters, and witness the consequences of your actions. These narrative elements add depth and emotional weight to your escape attempts.

Conclusion: The Escape is Just the Beginning

With these 21 tips and tricks, you're well-equipped to conquer the Underworld and achieve escape. But remember, Hades offers immense replayability. Each escape attempt unlocks new story elements, character interactions, and weapon aspects.

So, keep on escaping, experiment with different builds, and unravel the mysteries of the Underworld. Defiance against the gods is a long game, but with each attempt, you'll grow stronger and uncover the secrets this critically-acclaimed roguelike has to offer.

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