Aidan Gillen Movie List

Aidan Gillen Movie List: New to Old

Aidan Gillen is a versatile actor who has starred in a wide range of films, from critically acclaimed dramas to popular blockbusters. He is known for his sharp wit, intelligence, and charisma, and he has played a variety of characters, from complex villains to sympathetic protagonists.

Here is a list of Aidan Gillen's movies, sorted from newest to oldest:

  • 2023: Chicago Party Aunt (voice)
  • 2022: That Dirty Black Bag
  • 2021: Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • 2020: Project Blue Book
  • 2019: Bohemian Rhapsody, Rose Plays Julie
  • 2018: We Ourselves, Dave Allen at Peace
  • 2017: Peaky Blinders (TV series)
  • 2016: Sing Street, Maze Runner: The Death Cure
  • 2015: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • 2014: Calvary
  • 2013: Mayday (TV series)
  • 2012: The Dark Knight Rises
  • 2011: Game of Thrones (TV series)

Some of Aidan Gillen's most notable film roles include:

  • Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish in Game of Thrones
  • Bill Wilson in The Dark Knight Rises
  • John Reid in Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Robert in Sing Street
  • Janson in the Maze Runner trilogy

Gillen is a talented actor who has consistently delivered memorable performances in a variety of films. He is a versatile performer who is able to play a wide range of characters, and he is always worth watching.

If you are a fan of Aidan Gillen's work, be sure to check out some of his films on this list. You won't be disappointed.

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